About Us

Nestled in the beautiful Northeast Georgia
mountains lies the area's newest

Premier Classical Dressage Equestrian Facility

catering to horses of all types and riders of all levels

We are confident we can take the best care of your equine partner, developing a custom tailored program for you both to become one.  Our confidence is drawn from over thirty years of professional experience, and a secure, deep understanding of the classical dressage principles.  We also have  a wealth of knowledge in the areas of both human and equine nutrition and conditioning, as well as a working knowledge of equine behavior and psychology.  We take an all-encompassing approach to training and teach riders about their responsibilities to their horses and themselves to achieve optimum performance.

Our all-inclusive approach helps both horse and rider develop a winning attitude, both when competing and in life.

We offer Classical Dressage lessons, training and boarding

We also  start young horses and have had much success with helping owners with their  "problem" horses.

Our Breeding Farm produces quality Warmbloods for all disciplines










How to contact us

Barn: 706-754-8782 / Office: 706-839-1914 MistyMeadowsHorseFarm@gmail.com