Ampersand MM

2016 filly by Ampere x Friendly Furioso

Ampersand MM, affectionately called "Sandy", was born on April 27, 2016. She is a lovely bay with a star and two white hind stockings, a very feminine head and a sweet personality. She has a lovely uphill trot, neck/back conformation that is great for dressage, and an amazing jump at 4 weeks of age.

Her sire, Ampere is known to stamp his foals with his exceptional movement and his beautiful head. In 2008 Ampere won the KWPN 70 day performance test in Ermelo with very high scores: Walk-8.5, Trot-9, Canter-9.5, ideability-9, talent as a dressage horse-9. At the test, his riders praised him as the best horse they had ridden in years and particularly praised his suppleness, self-carriage and strong hind leg. His first foal crop in Holland roduced 3 approved sons. He was then sold to Sweden and was the most popular breeding stallion there in 2011 and 2013. In 2014, Ampere was 3rd on the listing of USEF Dressage Breeding Sires based on the accomplishments of his offspring and now has 20 approved sons. Clearly Ampere produces quality offspring, many of whom have sold for very high prices in the European auctions.

Her dam, Friendly Furioso, has one of the best Olympic pedigrees in the US. She is TWICE line bred, in the first two generations, to the immortal Inschallah and the legendary Furioso II. Both of these sires together have had over 15 offspring on the Olympic team in both jumping and dressage. Friendly, her dam, and her sire are ALL 3/4 blood siblings to the Olympic stallion Heisman.

Friendly lives up to her name with a very calm personality and wonderful gaits that make her very easy to ride. She has a great uphill canter for upper level dressage and is also a great jumper who, as a filly, was jumping out of 4'3" pasture fences with ease.

Friendly's sire, "For the Future" is a 3/4 sibling to the Olympic stallion Heisman. He is by the same great Furioso II line, and his dam, sired by Inschallah, was the top three year old State Premium mare in all of Germany. Friendly's dam, Blankett***is a SPS Oldenburg premium mare also by the legendary Inschallah. Blankett's dam was a SPS premium mare by Furioso II. She won both high modified jumpers and 4th level dressage.

Friendly's previous offspring have been outstanding. Her 2009 son Brioso, a Swedish stallion by Briar, is provisionally approved by SWANA and ISR/Oldenburg. Her 2005 daughter by Opus was the highest scoring mare at her Oldenburg NA mare inspection with 107 points.

Ampersand MM will be registered with SWANA.

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