Chicopee Schooling Show Results

Congrats go out to all the Misty Meadows  horses and riders at the Chicopee May 4, 2014 Schooling Show! 

Several of the riders and horses were attending their first show, and were able to perform wonderfully even though there was a shooting competition going on very close to the dressage rings.Surprised

Many of our riders and horses took home ribbons and awards: 

Hannah Reeves on Henry (CF Derringer) won Reserve Intro Adult Amateur,

Megan Pickens on Buddy (Kindred Spirit) achieved a 60 and 63 percent qualifying Megan for the Dressage Equitation Seat finals   Megan also rode Konga  achieving many 8's and 9's in her tests.

And Maddie Paloger on Buddy (Kindred Spirit)  achieved 8's on both her canter circles.

And everyone who attended did a wonderful job!


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